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Welcome & Bienvenue!

My name is Agnès, a french interior decorator dedicated to help you create your unique interior. Besides my online activities I consult clients in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Over the course of my professional Life I saw so many houses or flats which were just looking alike, I would see the same designer furnitures, same brands for couches, beds, bookcases, the same kitchen styles. What a pity!

I believe your home should be as unique as you are and I want to help you to unveil your real style. A good décor has nothing to do with what you believe people would like to see! don’t think your home as a show case, it’s more personal than that.

My goal is to provide you with all the tools and information to decorate your space in a way that is personal, functional, beautiful and timeless. Your home!

Personal style: A mix of old and modern. Influenced by the basco-landais style of the french silver coast; for its architecture, colors and interpretation of the art-deco design. 

My principles: Less is more. Always consider the brightness of a room. Don’t try to impress but to express. A good eye-catcher is timeless. Real style is timeless.

My favorite decorator and designer: Andrée Putman for the design and Madeleine Castaing for her colorful sceneries.

Personal Life: From the time I was growing up in the south west of France I was devouring books and decoration magazines. In my early 20s I moved to Germany where I worked in several international corporations. After many years designing communication materials and organizing conferences in different parts of the world, I decided to change my career and to devote myself to my true passion, decoration.

Interior decorator since 2011. 

Greatest satisfaction: Seeing my customers shine as if a new page in their life were to begin. 


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