14 Etsy shops for a holiday feeling at home

Beautiful decoration items for your home.

Nowadays to avoid the crowds, visit local attractions and save some money, more and more people choose to stay at home for the summer holidays. You can also finally start some home projects you always wanted to do, then relax and enjoy warm evenings with family and friends.

To make your home feel even more like a holiday destination you can decorate with some items that will bring colors into your home and to make it even more cozy, add some natural materials. I find Etsy a great source to find some beautiful products from very talented people. Here is a selection of beautiful items at Etsy shops for this summer. 

1 – 1220 Ceramics Studio

Awesome porcelain and ceramic vases, platers, candles, bowls and more… for a beautiful table decor.

2 – Portuguese Treasures

Beautiful tiles and other quality items made with typical portuguese naural materials such as cork and sheepskin.

3 – Gras Shanghai

I love these items made of natural materials such as bamboo, straw, jute braids, raffia and more… great designs.

4 – Gone Rural UK

Pretty bread baskets and placemats made from lutindzi grass.

5 – Simonne Chic

Bohème and ethnic chic! nice pillows and baskets. I like also the glass carafes and bowls a lot. Very nice colors.

6 – Nuage home

I love their bags and storage baskets made of cotton ropes. Clear lines and beautiful craft.

7 – Shaker Werkstatt

Beautiful shaker boxes made of sherry tree and very nice trays in scandinavian style.

8 – Magic Linen

Fantastic linen products such as bed sheets, curtains, towels, padkins, runners etc… a very nice palette of colors.

9 – Art Et Brocante

I love recycled items when you dont just give it a new use but when you also add more esthetic to it. That’s why I like a lot the repaired plates with gold. It embellishes the product and it also becomes a piece of Art. In general very nice antique plates and other porcelain items.

10 – Malgorzata Lyszczarz

I like these bowls, at the same time classic earthy and elegant.

11 – Unikat in Holz

Very nice wooden bowlsand vases. I like the simple and clear design.

12 – Georgie Scully Ceramics

Beautiful vases, bowls and cups made of semi porcelain. It’s beautiful and timeless at the same time.

13 – Noctilux Paris

I like the wall lamp made from woven raffia and the very simple “haussmann” shade.

14 – Arturest

Amazing Bamboo lights in japanese style. Very nice craft.


In addition to just purchasing a product that you will enjoy, buying from an online platform like Etsy gives a more human dimension to your purchase. You can get to know the person who created your product, it’s more personal and offers even more value to what you will be owning over the years to come. I have never been disappointed and always enjoyed the interaction with some very creative people.

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