A bedroom simply well arranged

Create a haven of peace

When arranging or decorating your bedroom you should remember your main goal is to ensure the right atmosphere to sleep well. It’s about regenerating your mind and body and to feel great for the coming day. 

Here some recommendations that should help you to arrange your bedroom:

Create rituals:

  • ensure a clutter-free room
  • make your bed every morning. Even if you tidied up your bedroom, the view of a messy bed won’t leave a peaceful impression.
  • A great habit is to open the bedroom windows for about 10 minutes before going to bed and again in the morning just after waking up. 
  • read. Reading helps relax your body, but make sure you keep a healthy balance with your sleep time. For example, don’t read 3 hours and sleep 5. Once you realize your eyes are getting tired just turn off the light and sleep. 

Mindful decoration and room arrangement:

  • stay away from vivid colors with your decoration
  • avoid too many pictures or decoration accessories
  • soft hues and shades with a touch of grey or earthy colors have a relaxing impact on your soul. 
  • your bedroom gets a lot of daylight in the morning? Then bright white walls are also an alternative if you like a refreshing morning, just make sure you keep soft lighting for the evening hours.
  • have a good, warm reading light.
  • A bright ceiling light is useful to tidy up the room when it’s dark outside otherwise a soft warm light is more relaxing.
  • You have to sleep while it is light outside? Make sure you can subdue the light with sheers or blinds.
  • You need it completely dark and haven’t any shutters outside?  You can add some blackout curtains to your window decoration. 

Stop bad habits: 

  • No TV, nor online surfing, smart phone or video games. These will not relax you and actually rob you of sleep.
  • Wake up; If you don’t wake up naturally with the daylight, the only sound in the morning should be your alarm clock

Relaxation helpers

  • Quiet soft music whether classic or modern.
  • Have a plant in your bedroom. A plant such as a peace lily will contribute to the quality of the air. 
  • Essential oils such as lavender oil are calming and have a relaxing effect. 

These are proven and common-sense recommendations which I believe are always good to be reminded of. In principle, the only thing that you need on your bed side table is a reading light, a book and perhaps an alarm clock, sweet dreams…

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