Step 1: Capture your room

Be a stranger in your space.

Over time when living in the same place, we get used to seeing the same objects and furniture without thinking whether we need them or not, whether we even like them or not. Be a stranger in your space and assess your room as if you would be looking at it for the first time. Grab your smart phone or camera and take photos!

  1. Leave the room as it is, don’t try to put things away or to tidy up, capture “the real” situation.
  2. Take photos of the room especially during times of the day when you usually occupy the room.
    • Tip: Make color printouts of the photos for a better perspective and taking notes.
  3. Look at the images and ask yourself:
    • do you use, need or enjoy everything you see?
    • are there furniture or objects that you don’t like?
    • are there any items that don’t belong to this room, an intruder?
    • does the room look busy, crowded, or empty and boring?
    • is the room too colorful or too monotonous?
    • is this space too light or too dark?

Capturing the space you want to change is essential. See you soon with Step 2: What is your lifestyle.

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