How to decorate

Step 7: Where can you find sources of inspiration?

There are so many ways to find inspiration for your decoration project. The four most important places are the internet, magazines and books, your surroundings and mother nature. To make the most of your search be open, be curious and …

Step 2: Who and what for?

Who and what for means who is living in that space you want to decorate and what is this place used for ? The layout and decoration should create the right environment and therefore consider who will spend time and …

Step 1: Capture your room

Over time when living in the same place, we get used to seeing the same objects and furniture without thinking whether we need them or not, whether we even like them or not. Be a stranger in your space and …

Redecorating your home : the essentials steps

Decorating should be fun and a source of satisfaction. Let’s discuss the essential aspects to consider when starting your project. Each of the following steps will be subjects of my future posts.

  1. Assessing your space.
  2. What is your lifestyle? How
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