Step 8: Check the exposure of the room

How much daylight enters into your room?

Daylight entering a room is very important especially when it comes to selecting colors for that room. The exposure of a room is the first aspect you need to consider. Knowing how much light you can expect at various times of the day, especially when you are spending much of the day in the room, is critical for your planning. 

The room is facing East

This room gets the morning light, a relatively sharp and blue light. Early birds will greatly appreciate this room as a breakfast room or a kitchen. The room will be shady in the afternoon and evening which might also be appreciated for a bedroom, as the night temperatures are cooler. 

Possible color pattern: white to warm beige colors. If you don’t like total white or a creamy atmosphere add some black/charcoal elements. This will make it look a bit more modern.   

The room is facing North

This room is in a relative state of constant shade and has the lowest level of daylight. This is a place where white walls turn grey. 

Possible color pattern: if you choose to use this room as a working room, such as a home office, you might want to keep the walls white. Also, use a good direct artificial light at your working area and an indirect light to lighten up the ceiling of the room. If this isn’t a technical room or a working area, forget a white color! The shady white walls of a north-facing room aren’t sexy at all! So now you have to create drama and use colors, darker colors. This will make the room look much more interesting, especially if you use the room as a dining or entertainment room. 

The room is facing South

This is a good exposure for a living-room because you get the most sunlight. The light changes from bright white daylight at noon to a warmer tone towards the late afternoon. South facing rooms are where white walls look like white walls. Enjoy the light bath! 

Possible color pattern: A white room flooded by daylight is such a refreshing and pleasing atmosphere. You can also choose any light toned colors or colored accessories. Dark rooms don’t look best when flooded by daylight. 

The room is facing West

The west-facing room gets low-angle, late afternoon sunlight, nice and warm. Very nice for a living room with a balcony or terrace and perfect for enjoying a warm summer evening. 

Possible color pattern: similar as a for South facing room. 


What you use your room for and what exposure is facing the room will give you direction on how to choose the main color of a room. Let’s meet next week when we will talk more about colors! 

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