Step 3: Sort out, declutter, give away and simplify

Don't let things steal your peace.

Close your eyes and describe what objects surround you in the room you are in. How many do you no longer recognize? We are gatherers and during our busy lives we fill our space with objects that no longer attract our attention. Now that you have identified through Steps 1 and 2 what you need and don’t need, it is time to say goodbye to certain objects and furniture.

Sort out

With the exception of your meaningful keepsakes and favourite decoration items, consider sorting out and removing:

  • books you have already read and, to be honest, will likely never read again.
  • any items that do not bring interest nor enjoyment
  • any object or furniture without any purpose for the room


Declutter and allow your decorative items to be noticed and enjoyed.

  • Focus on quality and not quantity by removing items that bring clutter.
  • Store items that are not used often such as those used when entertaining or are seasonal decorations. These can be placed in a basement, attic or designated storage area. You may be surprise how much space you have created once finished.

Give away

Consider donating what you have removed. Rather than creating more trash our society is now realizing how valuable our resources are. Bring enjoyment to others who can use what you no longer need and you will feel a sense of satisfaction in doing so.


What a relief when you don’t have to gaze anymore at that vase you never really liked, or the holiday plates that fill your cupboard but are only used perhaps once per year at most. Now that you have simplified to the basic essentials and have created space, it is time to plan for your new room decorations. See you at Step 4!

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