Step 12: Do it yourself? Hire an expert?

Try to make the right choice.

Depending on the difficulty and cost of the work to be done and your expertise with handwork, you might sometimes wonder whether you should do it yourself. Trying to save money with DIY can sometimes end up being more expensive, result in poorer quality and take longer to complete than hiring an expert! 


The internet era opens a lot of possibilities to learn many new skills or to improve your current skills. If there are small jobs to be done, you have a certain level of know-how, and have the time, then you can decide to do it yourself. 

The advantages are:

  • more control over the products you are using, especially if you are looking for more environmental friendly products. 

  • better time management

  • reduce expenses by saving on labor costs

  • when finished, you have a sense of accomplishment at what you have done and probably, have learned a skill in the process. 

Hire an expert, a proven professional 

Hiring a professional is ideal if you have no time, expect perfect results, are not a master of the DIY and have the budget. The most difficult decision is how to know whom to hire. 

The best way to find someone reliable is through word of mouth. Ask people that you trust and are generally objective (and realistic) for recommendations. Persons who have had positive experiences working with a particular professional and would not hesitate making a recommendation. Once you have one or more potential contacts, you need to get to know this person. Just like anytime you entrust someone to do an important task, listen to your feelings when considering a professional for a project. Be cautious with very low or very high-priced offers! “If it is too good to be true, it probably is.” Once you believe you have found the right person, have had all your questions answered and feel good about this person, let them do it. A reliable professional takes the time to listen and to explain so that you understand what will be done. This person should be proud of their work and will take care of issues found even after the job is completed (within reason of course).

The advantages are:

  • the responsibility for mistakes or material failures are on the side of the professional worker. 

  • you can expect professional quality results

  • you build a relationship of trust for any projects you might have in the future.

If you need an expert and your budget falls short, talk to the person you would like to hire to see of you can agree to a payment plan, but don’t kill the trust. Don’t put the person under pressure because of unrealistic deadlines or budget. A good artisan is also a person who loves their job and for whom it is most important that you value their work after completion. 


Whether to do it yourself (DIY) or hire a professional is not an easy decision. Build your knowledge around the project; ask the right questions to the professional or to yourself. Beware; the internet is a place where impostors can reside with fake appreciations! Positive recommendations from those you trust, clear answers to your questions, and a feeling that the professional you have chosen is qualified for the job, will help ensure the best outcome. 

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