Checklist for a fresh smell in your home

A clean air at home is essential.

Feeling good in a home is a combination of a lot of things. To create a comfortable atmosphere a home should look tidy, friendly and last but not least have a pleasant, fresh scent.

Here is a checklist to ensure a nice a fresh smell in your house :

  1. Ventilate your house every day. Open the windows to ensure a good air circulation for at least 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the season and the weather.

  2. Empty your kitchen waste bin as often as needed. Ideally every second day and every time after you have to throw something with strong smell. My tip would be to use a smaller waste bin. 

  3. If you live in a relatively humid climate, check your home occasionally to make sure moisture damage doesn’t appear in your home. Make sure you leave enough space around furniture and other objects to allow air circulation. 

  4. Do you have the possibility dry your clothes and linen outside? this ensures a fresh smell for your textiles. 

  5. If you have pets, make sure that whatever they lay down on is regularly shaken outside and changed.  If it happens that their toilet is in your home, keep it clean every day! 

  6. Have some fresh cut flowers or plants. I don’t mean you need to go to the flowershop every single day or every week. You might have the possibility to cut some nice branches or flowers from your garden or from your friends or family garden. Collect some pine cones in the woods. And in flower shops select flowers or branches that will last longer than a week if possible such as eucalyptus.

  7. Avoid industrial cleaning products with a strong artificial smell. These products are cleaning your place but are most of the time are quite risky for your health. 

  8. When cleaning the house open the windows so that cleaning products such as vinegar, for example, can evaporate their smell rapidly. 

  9. Avoid any artificial scents that can be found in most of the candles or home deo. These products in general don’t smell natural. Read the packaging and make sure that natural ingredients such as essential oils, spices or plants are used. 

  10. Check also that natural wax is used for candles, such as bees wax or soya wax. Actually, bees wax has a nice and delicate honey smell on its own that is really nice during the wintertime.

  11. Do like grandma and create some small bags and put lavender or chips of a nice soap made with organic ingredients and sew shut. Hang them in various areas of the house to create a nice natural fragrance.

  12. Same thing with potpourri. They are really easy to do by yourself. You will find a lot of very nice tutorials on Pinterest or YouTube. 


Whatever fragrance or atmosphere you want to create in your home make sure it isn’t overpowering. It is better a house has no smell than a too strong one. A good smell should be descent and not necessarily identifiable. Some wood chips with a few drops of ylang-ylang, lemon or vetiver are usually just enough to create a pleasant atmosphere. Smell good, feel good, with the help of natural ingredients.

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