Get your home ready for Fall and Winter

Checklist for the next couple of months

Most people are back from their summer vacations, the leaves are changing colors, there are more cars on the roads, the sunlight is offering beautiful sceneries in the parks and the woods, and squirrels are extremely busy…

You ‘re beginning to looking forward to spend a warm and cozy time in your home with your friends and family. In this post I want to share with you some a checklist of tips and recommendations to help you enjoy a wonderful fall and winter season at home.

1 – Put away everything you won’t use for the next 6 months. Sort and give away items when you think you either don’t need it or you just don’t like it. Check the weather and organize a day where you can switch your spring and summer wardrobe with the fall and winter clothes. Clean and store your summer clothes.

2 – Check the fall and winter wardrobe to see if some repairs need to be done, or if you think you have some items you may want to give away. 

3 – Inspect your home. Check the air tightness of the entrance door and windows, have some light bulbs and batteries in your pantry, buy nice candles andmake sure the candle lighter is fully loaded. 

4 – On your balcony, terrace or in your backyard. Get rid of annual summer plants and put them in your compost pile if you have one. Clean the pots. Clean the outdoor furniture and protect or store them so you can enjoy them for many years to come. Order some flower bulbs for a colorful spring. Refill bird feeders so they can enjoy their Fall and Winter as well. 

5 – If you have a fireplace, start stocking wood and have the chimney cleaned and inspected. Don’t forget to open the flu before your first use of the season.

6 – If you have a vegetable garden or go to a farmer’s market around the corner, buy the freshest organic tomatoes you can get and prepare some basic home-made tomato sauce. It’s very easy and you can keep it all  winter long. It tastes excellent in many recipes and you have control of what you eat. Dry some thyme and rosemary for longterm use. Learn how to preserve food, not because I am pessimistic about the weather in the next months to come… but simply because it’s the best way to have healthy, ready to eat and tasty food all year round. Bake some cakes you can freeze to have something ready for unexpected visitors. 

7 – Plan for the next Fall and Winter celebrations. Do you usually enjoy holidays or seasonal decoration? Make sure you have all the supplies. You might want to dry some flowers. 

8 – Create a personal workout plan to make sure you will continue being active during the cool seasons. Have at least a long walk outside per week in the park or the forest or your neighborhood. We tend to stay inside but the best air you can get is outside so dress appropriately!

9 – Prepare a list of special  birthdays, anniversaries and potential Christmas presents or other special occasions . You might want to hand craft some items. Look for inspirations in Pinterest or in your local bookstore.  

10 – Check your essential oils and spices pantry. Create some nice winter scents for your home. 

I love living in a place where seasonal changes are marked by weather variations. It’s nice to adapt your lifestyle to the seasons especially in your home.

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