Redecorating your home : the essentials steps

You have finally decided to redecorate your space, how to begin.

Decorating should be fun and a source of satisfaction. Let’s discuss the essential aspects to consider when starting your project. Each of the following steps will be subjects of my future posts.

  1. Assessing your space.
  2. What is your lifestyle? How do you use your room? Is it only you or other people sharing the space?
  3. Sort, declutter, give away.
  4. Plan your space; how to distribute your current furniture.
  5. Do you really need to buy new furniture or could it be restored?
  6. Think of what you always liked in your life, what was so important for you? Your decoration should be personal.
  7. Where can you find sources for more inspiration?
  8. Check the exposure of your room, how much daylight enter into your room?
  9. Create a color palette.
  10. Surfaces; think of the different textures you could use.
  11. What tools could you use from the internet to help you visualize your project?
  12. Who should do the work?

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