Humor is a perfect ice-breaker!

Don’t make your home look too serious.

When people don’t take themselves too seriously they often appear more likeable. Well this is the same in your home. If you enter a house where everything is nicely decorated and arranged but not too sterile, not too busy, a nice dynamic harmony of art and eye-catchers… that’s good… but if you can add a personal touch of humor in your home it becomes special. It won’t only be more appealing to others but for yourself, it will add a little bit of lightness in your daily life. 

Of course, we know all humor is relative, most importantly,  it should reflect your personality, after all, it is your home. I always liked people with a deadpan sense of humor, in decoration I rather like a note of vintage kitsch… the only rule I would recommend to be on the safe side (!) “less is more”… try not to overdo it. 

Here are some ideas on how to bring some humor into your home (always click on the brand name to see more about the company or product I am talking about):

  • visit flea markets and find something that can be useful and look kind of funny at the same time.

  • if you’re not so keen on a specific object… maybe there is a quote that you like which is funny and applies to your personality. You can place it on a wall… again… less is more… For this you can for example look at Etsy

  • unexpected piece of furniture. For example, you can check the French brand Ibride (click on the name to see their site). They first became very famous with their trays with animal portraits on it. Now it is relatively well known in France and Europe, I like their shelves and side tables. Another famous Italian designer brand you should check is Fornassetti... 

  • have some special wallpapers. Wallpapers really did their come back in the last 10 years. Some great brands are producing fabulous prints. Top-quality prints are offered by Timorous Beasties.  Other companies to check out are for example, Mindthegap, Pierre Frey, again Fornasetti, Elitis, Cole and Son

  • some funny table books, such as, “being human” from William Wegman, California crazy about American pop architecture from Jim Heimann… look among these editors who are publishing every year stunning table books such as Taschen, Assouline, Chronicle Books… 

  • visit the shops of museums in your area  and find some artist objects that make you smile… You can also go online, for example, the boutique des musées that sells most of the products from the famoust french museums.

Be curious, open your mind and I am sure you’ll find something that will make your guests smile, relax and enjoy in your home a bit more. Life isn’t easy and we live in a quite vulnerable world… so don’t take it too seriously all the time and make some place for humor in your daily life

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