Love your Home!

You and your home... a unique relationship! 

Do you sometimes get the impression the day or even the week is too short? You’re running from one task to the other and as soon as you get the chance to sit down at home before going to bed you realise that somehow you feel frustrated. Well, it could be time to put your home on your priority list!

A house has a soul… and it’s a part of yours!

Just as your mood affects the place where you live, a place well arranged influences your wellbeing. When you pay attention to your home a rewarding process takes place. Here are the reasons why loving your home is so important:

  • it’s a genuine reflection of how we live and how we see ourselves… I am guessing you’d rather have a positive impression of yourself?
  • it’s a retreat where you feel secure.
  • it’s a place where you are free to live and express yourself the way you want.
  • it should be a place where you share good times with your loved ones, your friends, your family.
  • it’s a reflection of what you value.
  • last but not least, it’s a place that holds your history, your memories (…unless you’re minimalist and don’t want to leave any trace behind you)

A home is not…

copy of someone that isn’t you! You’re unique and so is your space. Even if it takes time find your true style. Think of what you value, be authentic. Your house isn’t a show room nor a museum and don’t let yourself be fooled by decoration trends.

So, if you want to stop neglecting your home and believe that paying more attention to your space will improve your quality of life, start now and you will see when you love your home, it will love you back.

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