Simplify your household products

... It’s about buying less and being more responsible

Our increased awareness about the environmental challenges we are facing makes us realize that we became blind and addicted to our lifestyle of consumption and waste over the last 60years. We believe we have to buy things to make life easier or to make us happier… but in fact, most of the time we buy many things that make life more cluttered and are simply unnecessary.  Once we realize we aren’t using items or stop using them before they are depleted, we toss them into the trash.. 

Check your cupboards and your shelves

  • Remove any routine household products, cosmetic products you haven’t been using for the last 15 days. 

  • Look and check if you have several products that can serve the same purpose

  • Is there any product which fulfills only 1 purpose? 

If this is the case, use these products and if possible, consider buying multi-purpose items the next time. 

Learn about time-tested products and try them

Many of the younger generation have never seen their parents using simple environment- friendly products. We are a generation for which a product was created for each single and specific use in our household and promoted by slick marketing campaigns. Sometimes these products have been very toxic for us and/or for the environment. 

You can now find thousands of videos, books, e-books, podcasts about how to use basic multi-purpose cleaning products that are better for the environment and your health. 

Check what simple products like vinegar, citric acid, baking soda, household soap, soda (caustic A2) can do and try the different ways recommended to clean your household with these products. After that you probably will discover you don’t need that other product in its attractive packaging waiting for you on the shelves.

What are your personal gains? 

More space in your cupboards and shelves, less pollution in your household, a healthier indoor environment and on top of this…  significant savings!  The environmental gains are obvious: Less pollution, more diversity and better quality of life for us all. 

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