Step 10: Use different textures to decorate your interior.

Using different textures brings life into your interior.

The atmosphere of a room also depends on the materials you are using. Just as there are cold and warm colors and tones, there are also cold and warm textures. When a room is visually too cold or too warm, it feels uncomfortable. Try to keep a good balance. 

Here is a list of decoration textures and surfaces that will make your room look either cooler or warmer:

Cool atmosphere

  • glass and mirrors
  • lacquered surfaces
  • tiles
  • silver, chrome and other metals
  • glazed surfaces
  • smooth leather 
  • shiny smooth fabrics such as silk taffeta. 

Feels warm

  • wool fabrics, felt
  • wood 
  • baskets and rattan materials
  • fur 
  • velvet
  • rough leather, suede
  • matt surface and natural fibers such as cotton, linen, or rough silk 

Avoid plastic when possible.

Plastic belongs to cool textures. Not only it is not a natural material nor sustainable, it brings no any added value to the decoration of your room. On the contrary, it is the opposite of a noble material, it depreciates the room. If you like retro styles then use old collectibles in bakelite, or the other reason to use plastic would be again to own a designer piece of the 20th century, a collectible… 

If you want to warm up an atmosphere, use:

  • warm textures such as natural fibers. For example, if you use cool colors for a bedroom, you can choose a nice wool fabric for the curtains or linen for balance.
  • rugs
  • wood furniture

If you want to cool down an atmosphere use:

  • transparent glass vases in cool colors. 
  • silver metallic picture frames. 
  • furniture or decoration items with lacquered or smooth or shiny surfaces.

Check your room, furniture and objects and try to find balance warm and cool. Play with colors and textures until you achieve the right atmosphere. 

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