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Step 5: Furniture, should you buy new or consider restoration?

Are you considering to restore furniture?

What should you consider if you want to buy new furniture or if you decide to find a craftsman to restore that piece of furniture you already have? This isn’t always an easy choice. This question comes up most of the time for upholstered furniture but it is also relevant for other pieces such as tables, cabinets or book cases. To help you make the right choice I have listed below when you should try to renew a piece of furniture or buy something new.

Reasons why you should keep and renovate your furniture pieces:

  • The piece of furniture fits exactly the space where it is needed.
  • It is sooo comfortable!
  • It is a high quality piece and it can be tailored to fit your space.
  • You have a strong emotional link to it and would like that piece to stay with you throughout the years.
  • You’re waiting to have the budget to upgrade the piece and your DIY skills will allow you to bridge the period you need to fund your project.
  • Last but not least, you want to have a unique piece of furniture.

Reasons why you should buy a new piece:

  • You’re missing the right piece that would fit your needs.
  • Your piece of furniture is reaching its end of life.
  • You’ve been craving a special piece for a long time and it would fit perfectly in your space.
  • You want to upgrade your furniture. You’ve have a temporary piece of furniture that you know you can give away or sell to someone and now is the time to get that perfect piece or have something specially made by a craftsman.

Buying new furniture

This may sound cold-hearted but please resist buying something where the size doesn’t fit the space, be disciplined as the result can be disastrous as your space will feel awkward as if there is an imposter in your room… unless, of course, you are able to move your walls.

Do your homework. If you want to buy a brand-new item do some research before you decide on buying. Compare prices and inspect quality of the materials and workmanship. While most of the high-end designer brands are generally reliable some brands may save on quality in order to spend more on advertising and marketing.

Finally, know the seller’s return policy in case you are disappointed or change your mind.


The points above should give you some ideas to consider to help you decide whether buying new furniture is worth it or not and to avoid “buyer’s remorse”. Word of mouth is often the best way to find a good furniture craftsman or a reputable shop where you can inspect and try the piece first. Inform yourself before purchasing and to help support your effort, follow all the essentials up to Step 12. 

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