Step 11: Tools to help you visualize your project, part2

Part 2, the internet-assisted visualization.

You will find a lot of offers on the internet for 2D or 3D visualization apps or websites. I won’t list all of them here but just a few which are, from my point of view, relatively easy to use. Especially easy for someone who doesn’t want to spend hours on figuring out how to learn software used by architects. 

First of all, you will have to collect digital photos of all the furniture and decorative items of your room or a specific detail of the room that you particularly like. Check that the resolution of your photos is just good enough so the file sizes are not too big. 


  • Color palette

As mentioned in the previous post about color palette, you can create a color palette with You can then save the palette and used it later on in your mood board. Post Step 9 of the How to decorate series: color palette.


  • Floor plan

Here I would recommend to use It is a fun and simple program to use if you’re not a techie. This will help you to place your furniture in the room. You can also check my post How to decorate / Step4 about placing your furniture in the room.  


  • Mood board 

To create your electronic mood board… I think is really a great website. This site is so versatile and has a lot to offer in term of graphic design. You can search under mood-board and use the templates (a lot of them are free) or you create yours from scratch.


Once you have decided on a template you can insert all or just the main photos, the color palette, all the decorative items and furniture, and then you can decide whether you want to use the floorplan. If you want to print it out you probably want to work with either A4 or Letter Size paper. 



If you want to save space and you don’t have all the samples of your future products, you might enjoy using the internet for your visualization. Another advantage is you can share these images online. 

There are 3 main reasons why I still prefer the “craft-based” visualization (Step 11 Part 1): you can see your product and color in real, you can use as much space as you want and you can touch the different structures. And if you take a picture of it you can also share it online! 

You are now almost there… are you ready to use some elbow grease? Or, depending on your capability, knowledge and time… would you rather prefer to ask a professional to do the work?

Well then, let’s talk about it with our last post of the How to Decorate series. See you next week!   

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