Step 6: The roots of your own personal decoration style

The most important source of inspiration to reveal your own style is within you, your own story and personality. Your style has its roots based upon your life experiences. The path of your life is marked by impressions and souvenirs. Before looking outside for inspiration, dig into your personal Life. 

Your impressions

As you travel along the path of life you are exposed to different environments and experiences. This includes the place where you grew up, the people you have met, homes you have visited and also music and the arts which have expanded your mind. Maybe you have always been attracted to a certain style of decoration, including furniture and fabrics. Perhaps you have a special appreciation for handmade arts and crafts from a specific era or country. Along with such experiences I am sure that you have collected special images that captured your attention, an attraction that was emotional.

Your souvenirs

I want you to think of one object or piece of art, for which you have an emotional link. Perhaps someone special gave this to you at an important moment of your life and it left such a strong impression you keep it close and can never think of parting with it. This can be a photograph, an old chair, a piece of sculpture or a special illustrated book, size or monetary value is not important, it’s emotional. 


Digging into your personal life should be your primary source of inspiration when decorating, whether you choose to surround yourself with bold or neutral colors, pastels or dark shades, traditional or modern classics, eclectic, ethnic or bohemian, Art Deco or Bauhaus style. Each of us is unique and your environment and experiences should inspire your decoration style. What will result will certainly not be boring.

Don’t expect to find your unique style in a decoration magazine. Get personal with your own decoration style and enjoy the rewards of creating a unique setting that truly is a reflection of you.

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