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While looking around in your home or garden, you may see items and furniture that would need to be refreshed or restored. You might also think “where can I find someone to take care of it?”, and “how much should this cost?”, without even thinking about the possibility that you might be able to arrange it by yourself. Here are some very good video channels from people who are passionate about their job or hobby and have very good tutorials on possible ways to arrange your interior or garden. 


Dashner Design & Restoration

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When you see his before and after projects, it’s simply amazing. Very good tutorials. 

Space optimization

Engineer your space 

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Isabelle shows wonderful solutions to improve your interior. She’s specialized in small space interiors but her ideas would definitely serve any type of interior. I am sure you will find some good ideas and discover that you also can do it! 

Sewing for home projects


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As its name implies, Sailrite is specialized in equipment for boats, they sell products and teach you how to DIY for your own boats and homes! They also have excellent tutorials about soft furnishings such as doing your curtains, shades, pillow and much more for your home…


Calikim29 Garden & Home DIY

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Kim and her husband are a great couple who turn a hobby into a beautiful business. They are fully dedicated in helping you how to grow your own food in a quick, simple and inexpensive way whether you have a balcony or a big garden. It’s always refreshing to see these nice videos in sunny California! 

I found these videos of great value when you need someone to teach you how to arrange your home and garden. I hope you will also find the one or the other videos inspirational and that it gives you the courage to start a new project. If you do you will see how satisfying it will be once you will have finished your piece of work! Do you have other favorite videos in this area you would like to share with us?

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